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Frequently asked Counseling Questions

What is a Counselor?

Picture of big heart in sand on ocean shoreA counselor is someone who is trained to help you make changes in your career or personal life. This counseling is provided with the utmost care to insure privacy and confidentiality.

How can your counselor benefit your life?

Your counselor can help you set goals and achieve them. You’ll stay on track as you set priorities, make decisions and troubleshoot any roadblocks that get in your way. Your counselor can identify issues that may be hindering your progress and provide counseling or make a referral.

What are counseling meetings like?

Usually you will meet with your counselor for a phone visit that would identify your needs. This phone visit would last about 60 minutes. You would then meet with your counselor on a weekly basis on the phone for 45 minutes. After approximately one month, your visits may spread out to once a month, once every three months or even twice a year. During these visits, you and your counselor will work toward the goals you have set encouraging your progress and minimizing your setbacks.

What should you look for In a counselor ?

Look for someone who will do an in-depth assessment of your needs. Your counselor should be able to verify their credentials in counseling or training. Choose someone with experience who can answer your questions in a way that is understandable to you. Your counselor should be able to show you how to monitor your progress.

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